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Cross Creek Club House 

Most commercial roofs are designed to last for long periods of times, but sometimes maintenance and repair aren't enough. If you need a replacement, Carolina Roof Rescue guarantees the right roof for the right cost every time.   We do not specialize in one particular type of roof. We do it all. Our experts will determine which roofing system is best for you based on building type, climate conditions, and budget.  Call Carolina Roof Rescue today for your free commercial roof inspection/estimate by one of our experienced roof analysts: 864-356-3206

Commercial Roofing Systems
There are many different roofing systems, and what is best for your facility will be dependent on several different factors. While the chart below is by no means exhaustive, it will serve as an introduction to the five major commercial roofing systems and their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Roofing System Energy Efficiency Chemical Resistance Durability Wind Resistance Leak Resistance Ease of Repair
EPDM low low low low low medium
TPO high medium medium low low high
PVC high high low high low high
Modified Bitumen low low high high high medium
BUR low low high high high low
Type of Building Sunny Climates, Institutional, Small Business or Government Building Manu-facturing, Hospitals, Food Processing, Restaurants Manu-facturing, High Tech, Automotive Costal Area, High Rise, Special Wind Zones Hospital, Telecom, Police, Fire, Computer, Nuclear _

Cross Creek Club House